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"After being introduced to the biofield over 27 years ago there has not been a week that I have not used some form of energy therapy on my family, friends, or clients."

Healing Touch Practitioner

Lynn became an LPN in 1980.  During her time as an LPN, she worked in med-surg, Skilled Nursing Facilities, ICU, telemetry, Home Health, and Community Health.  After completing her Bachelor’s degree in 2015 she shifted to a non-nursing area of work.


Lynn was introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 1993.  Studying the structures that lie past the skin became an obsession.  Hundreds of hours were spent in classes, reading, and practicing.  Since beginning her studies over 27 years ago there hasn't been a week that she has not used some form of energy therapy on family, friends, or clients


Lynn attended the Australasian College of Herbal Studies and passed the New Zealand boards in Aromatherapy in 1995.  In 2008 Lynn began training with the Healing Touch Program and became a practitioner in 2014.  After a few life changes, Lynn is now able to devote more time to private practice.

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